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Mission statement

mission statement

As an outpatient nursing service, we strive to constantly improve our service. On the one hand, this refers to our residents - they are the people who make the value of our work visible and make everyday work varied. On the other hand, we also want to offer our employees the best possible service. That's why we always offer discussions at eye level, a family working environment with activities and parties, a manageable base of patients and above-average remuneration.


In addition, we would like to expand another cornerstone: Intercultural diversity in the workplace! In the past people from different cultural backgrounds have worked for us, including people from Poland, Russia and Turkey. In the future, we would like to significantly expand this diversity and in particular address nursing professionals from overseas (countries outside the EU, so-called "third countries"). This gives us new insights - not only into work processes, but also into the cultural perspective of dealing with aging people.


It is extremely important to us to place the nursing staff fairly in a new, good working and social environment. In addition, we would also like to accompany them socially and ensure that they can experience security, legal expertise and advice, as well as solidarity, well connected in an intercultural environment.


The following corporate principles reflect this understanding of our company as a self-commitment; We are committed to this as a non-governmental actor in the international placement of nursing staff. In addition, we are also making these corporate principles binding for our cooperation partners in third countries. The "Landleben Ambulanter Pflegedienst" will encourage its cooperation partners to implement these corporate principles and will regularly check their implementation.

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