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Residential communities for the elderly

What is an old shared flat?

It's a caring one
and common
living in old age.

How is it to live in an old shared flat?

Whether in your own single room or in the community, the day will be with food

cooking or doing little gardening. 

Who supports and cares in an old shared flat?

At a
24-hour care is provided by housekeepers and nursing staff on site.


Living together in old age in the country


There are three flat shares for the elderly in the country, each for six to twelve residents who live together in old age. This type of housing in the country is particularly suitable for elderly people in need of help who have always lived in the country and do not want to be cared for in the city.


Everyone has their own room that you can set up with your own furniture. This gives you the opportunity to withdraw. The kitchen and bathroom are shared. The advantage is that the rent and the operating costs are shared by the residents. Every resident concludes a rental contract, a care contract and, if necessary, a care contract for one level of care.


14 tenants of different generations and social backgrounds already live in the house. The common inner courtyard with terrace offers the opportunity for meetings, especially in summer. In this way, this form of housing for elderly people in need of help can be easily integrated into the community. The tenants have gardens and small livestock directly at the house, so that the residents get a connection to it.



Live and reside independently


All activities are regularly planned and coordinated in the form of a meeting. A WG spokesman is appointed by all residents/relatives to represent the interests of the WG members. The relatives should be involved in the care. This way you have better contact with your family. Pets are very welcome. Garden use is also possible.


The content of the care services is determined in the course of the residents moving in. There is a household fund into which each resident pays. This is used to pay for groceries and self-selected services. For example, trips to the doctor, pharmacy or hospital are coordinated with the care provider. If there is a difference, it will be agreed together how the plus difference will be used or how a minus will be compensated. A hairdresser and a pedicurist will also be arranged if required.



Get help if needed


In the comfortably furnished common room with kitchen, meals can be prepared and eaten together every day. A presence worker will help and do the grocery shopping. Residents are cared for around the clock.


Biography related   the residents live together according to their own needs and ideas in the countryside. Loneliness in old age is prevented. As far as possible, the day is spent with normal activities such as washing clothes, cooking food, washing up, cleaning or gardening. So there is no boredom and the time is spent sensibly. There is no obligation, but the opportunity for joint activities.

Location of residential objects
Address of the shared flats
Pinnow 32 ai in 17091 Breesen OT Pinnow
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